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FerMax Yeast related inventory

Ethanol Related Inventory

Fuel Ethanol Industry Yeast Products

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* * FerMax Yeast (both are heat and ethanol tolerant yeast strains):

Green Label

Gold Label

FerMax Packaging (Green or Gold):
5 kg/11 lb. bags
2 bags / box
100 boxes / pallet

* * HydroMax Yeast Hydration Supplement

HydroMax Packaging
5 lb. water soluble bags
10 bags / box
20 boxes / pallet

* * FerMax Protease

Increases Ethanol Yield and...
Reduces the Required Quantity of Urea or Ammonia
FerMax Protease Packaging
1000 kg totes

* * Anhydrous ammonia

* * Custom size Supersacks of Urea

* * We are full-service and can package our products to meet your requirements.

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