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FerMax Protease


FerMaxProtease an enzyme derived from the fungus Aspergillus niger. It is used for low pH applications in the fuel ethanol industry. This product is food grade and Kosher.


      When added to a ferm Protease:

      ...increases ethanol yield and

      ...reducing the quantity of urea or ammonia needed for a ferm.

      By breaking down proteins into amino acids, FerMax™Yeasts:

      ...convert sugars to ethanol at a faster rate and

      ...produce less glycerol.

      FerMax™ Protease has been shown to:

      ...increase Ethanol yields in both Corn and Milo fermentation.



Graph Protease pH StabilityGraph Protease Thermostability

Acid Stable Protease is Supplied as Liquid

Storage and Packaging

This product should be: kept in a cool dry location.

The container should be: kept closed when not in use.

Exposure to high temperature is not recommended.


For Handling refer to:→→Link→→FerMax Protease Safety Data Sheet


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