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for Over 50 Years



Established in 1969

Experienced Staff.

Located in Chaska MN we have over 50 years of experience in sourcing specialty chemicals from around the world that meets the highest quality standards.

Martrex Inc. has earned a reputation for excellent service and customer support. We identify sources of specialty chemicals from around the world that meet its high quality standards. The company specializes in maintaining its high product standards through quality control and source factory visits.

We recognize that quality in the product that we supply to our customers is a reflection on us, so we strive to the utmost to exceed our customer’s expectations. If you have an industrial by-product, an excess supply or a product which does not fit into your current marketing plan. Please Contact Us.

We work with a variety of transportation companies to arrange partial shipments, diversions, backhauls and other money-saving alternatives. Because of our unique diversification, we find and use options other traders may not which gives Martrex the edge to make your next deal more profitable.

Our Mission

Martrex is dedicated to coming up with innovative supply and logistical solutions to exceed our business partner’s expectations.

Nothing Can Beat The Staff At Martrex Inc.

Our trained and experienced professionals work as a team in bringing practical, cost effective solutions for your challenges: both old and new.

When you call on Martrex, you don’t just receive our products or solutions, our professionals and support personnel are part of a package.