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Martrex...40 years of profitable solutions for world businesses

Serving World Business and Industry ...

...for nearly 40 years.


Martrex Inc. was established in 1969... Martrex solutions are practical and profitable solutions

and has earned a reputation for excellent service and customer support. Martrex Inc. identifies sources of specialty chemicals from around the world that meet its high quality standards. The company specializes in maintaining its high product standards through quality control and source factory visits.

We recognize that quality

in the product that we supply to our customers is a reflection on us, so we strive to the utmost to exceed our customer's expectations. If you have an industrial by-product, an excess supply or a product which does not fit into your current marketing plan, please contact us.

From the top of the barrel to the bottom...

Martrex handles petroleum products, petrochemicals, feed stocks, heavy fuels-all the hydrocarbon groups in the industry.
We distribute throughout the Midwest and Western US, Canada and internationally.

Examples of products we have traded...

in quantities from railcar, truckload to pallet size, include:

We work with a variety of transportation...

companies and suppliers of petroleum, fertilizer and industrial chemicals to arrange partial shipments, diversions, backhauls and other money-saving alternatives. Because of our unique diversification, we find and use options other traders may not. Serving the fertilizer and industrial chemical industries, as well as those dealing in petroleum products and services, gives Martrex the edge to make your next deal more profitable.

You may think...

the chemicals you need are in short supply or priced higher than your usage allows you to pay.

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You may have what you consider...

...a "useless" by-product or excess inventory.

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Interested in our...

...Asian source chemical quality control program

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* * All arrangements are done on a totally confidential basis.

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phone: (952) 933.5000 — Fax: (952) 933.1889

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...for 40 years providing immediate-response and experienced, dependable follow through to our customers...
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